Lynda (Derby)  Email
I've witnessed "The Turn" and in a word, it's Awesome!
Rah Rah! Encore Encore!
-New Fan-
Daddy Nick (Behind Gillys flat!)
I see Kev's played with many TOP musicians, your obviously talking about me!!!!
Red Shed said: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
It's good to hear from our ex - drummer, but NO, we're not talking about you!!!
Martin & Ness (Amersham)  Email

Thanks for an absolutely fantastic show during our wedding reception on 5th October in The Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa.

People are still talking about the gig even now. The music was superb, and you guys were so full of energy, enthusiasm & great humour. The floor was packed throughout the gig - exactly what we wanted - and even the decrepit octagenarians were seen on the dancefloor!(Maybe that was to do with "The Underwear Set". NB Always check that the buttons on your shorts are done up before you go on stage!)

In summary, we really appreciated such a wonderful performance from a professional & friendly band. We look forward to the next occasion when we can have you play again.
Red Shed said: 2003-02-02 18:06:50
Great to hear from you again!! Glad you enjoyed the show - a great night was had by all! Keep in touch.

Red Shed
Big Rob Szovati (Derby)
Alright lads
All set for the 7th June!! 350 guests and the ladies are definetly waiting.
Saturday 8th Feb for my 34th Varsity (Friargate)at 8 o'clock if you're out.
Be in touch soon 'cause i want someone to look at venue.
Red Shed said: 2003-02-01 18:35:04
Looking forward to the 7th June - sounds like it will be a good reception. Speak to you soon, Red Shed
beach boy (Derby)
Great lead guitarist! ;)
Red Shed said: 2003-01-17 13:43:26
You're tooooooo kind!!! But the Bass Player has informed me that he is "awesome and steady as a rock" hmmmmmmmm...........

Bass player says; Oi guitarist, stop editing this message and go practice some chords!!
Deanna (Northampton)
Hi guys, I dont know if you'll remember me or not but i still think you're all great. I got up and sang with you at Kingsley Park in 2001. I hope you are up there again soon as I didn't get to see you in 2002.
Anyway, hope to see you all again soon, lots of love, Deanna
Red Shed said: 2003-01-05 23:44:02
Thanks Deanna, maybe you'll see Red Shed there in 2003 - who knows.......
Matt's Mum & Eiko (Derby)
Can't wait for an invite to one of your performances Dave !
Paul Hopwood (Derby, UK)  Homepage  Email

Great site lads. Guy who wrote it must be really cool!
Red Shed said: 2002-12-16 20:59:42
Well, he's alright - I taught him all he knows though!!
Dennis (Newcastle Upon Tyne)  Homepage  Email
I used to live in Derby back in Newcastle now. Thought I'd take a look to see if I know any of you. Really good site. I come to Derby often will look out for you. All the best, Dennis. Roll The Dice Newcastle.
Ted Gaytor (Grimsby)  Homepage  Email
Nice Site!!
Red Shed said: 2002-12-16 14:51:53

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