Mike Hayes (Stoke)  Homepage  Email
Hi guys, just found ya website loved seeing you at the 2cvgb international, Rock on fellas.
Red Shed said: 2002-12-16 14:53:54
Cheers - was a geat gig!! We're looking forward to the world rally in 2005!
Dave Stone (Telford)  Homepage  Email
My oh my, what a performance! Red Shed played our wedding on the 29/09/02 and boy did they play it good!

When booking this band, I was more concerned about how my audience would perform than how they would. But as the site says, they guarantee to get even the most dull audience up and dancing...

Which is an understatement of what they did!

This is a bunch of guys who know how to have fun, and know how to make you do the same. They are very professional, and very friendly. The next time I have something big to celebrate, I will have Redshed play again!

My wedding cost a huge amount of money, with most of what I payed for being well over-priced... but you'd expect to have payed double for Redshed and their act.

Book them, and then tell all your guests they're coming to the best wedding ever!

Thanks again guys!

~ Dave & Andrea.
Red Shed said: 2002-12-16 18:16:03
Really glad you enjoyed the evening - we had a great time too. By the way, there is a photo of us all on the photos page - well worth a look. But who is the little kid?!!
CJB PROMOTIONS (UK)  Homepage  Email
Excellent website lads . Keep up the good work and hope we can work together in the near future .
Kenisha (UK)  Homepage  Email
Thanks for the opportunity to visit your site!
Red Shed said: 2002-12-18 19:03:47
Thats quite alright!
Gill (Stoke)  Homepage  Email
Check out the guys on their website then check them out on ours at

What a nice set of people...and sooo talented.

Good luck for the future.
Im Into Blues Brothers So Keep At It Make The World Enjoy!
Nicola (Derby)  Email
I would just like to say thank you very much for making our wedding reception such a memorable one. (Nic & Neil Dec 8th 2001 at Makeney Hall), everyone really enjoyed themselves and commented on how good the band were, especially when donkey strutted his stuff!! My cousin still burst into hysterical laughter when we talk about it!!

My cheif bridesmaid was also quite partial to the lead singer, I think her actual comments were "if only he were a few inches taller... nice body though".

I know everyone will agree with me when I say that you were all great, and if we ever need a band again then you will be first on our list.

Cheers, thanks again
Charlie (Derby)  Email

V. impressed with the website!

Loved the gig at the Blue Peter - was a fabulous night! And yes, did exceed my expectations - so i hope you realise you now have standards to maintain!!

Love Charlie xxx
Jen (Derby)  Email
Hi u lot

Saw u at the Blue Peter last week and thought u were all fab - was v impressed with ur performances i must say ;o)
Hope 2 get some more of ur dates out of Gilly when he's sitting in MY office
Love 2 u all
Sally & Ray Smith (Oxford)
Thanks so much for making our wedding reception a night to remember!! You were brilliant and we would recommend you to everyone and anyone. Thanks again, hope to see you all really soon xx

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