Audience at RAF Mareham (Mareham, Kings Lynn)
Just a quick note to say how much we all enjoyed the nights entertainment at RAF Mareham in May 2001.
The band was absolutely fantastic - much better than we could have ever wished for. Thank you and can't wait to see you all again.

All the best.
Tarry (Kardameina)  Email
Hi All,
Thanks for making my holiday in Kardameina a great laugh!
The foam party being the most memorable!!
Take Care and Good Luck#
Tarry xxx
Joy (Liverpool)  Email
Well Hi Boys, remember me was just browsing the net and
came across your web site and hey its looking good. Hope
your all doing ok. Love Joy xxx
Dr. Simon Portsmouth (London)  Email
Hi Boys
for a fab night in Sardinia. If you are visiting London
give me an email.

Dave Burgess (North Sea)  Email
Hi Kev,
Sitting offshore at the momemt 03:20 hrs, thought i
would give your band site a look , just about to listen to
the mp3's. Hope all is well, have not forgot the cd's ,
time been very short at the moment, but should get time
next week.
Marie (Leicester)  Email
Hi i seen you at The Great Wigston working mens club and u
where fantastic!When are you coming back?Can you remember
the time one off your band members pulled his trousers down
and sang happy birthday 2 me?email me back love 2 you all
Jayne (Derby)  Email
Steve told me to look you up but didn't know the
address,took some finding you but was worth the time.
Interesting site! I found the guest book the most
entertaining! There's some freaky characters out there!!
Keep up the good work!!
Kay 'slapsi' Poyser (Australia)  Email
G'Day greetings guys from downunder!!!

Well, what can i say? Very impressive!!! I didn't realise
how much i missed you all until i heard you singing and saw
you up to your usual antics on the photos. Hope things are
going well for you all in the band and outside of it! Hope
you're behaving yourselves. I'm having the time of my life
over here, but can't wait for my fix of redshed when i get
back! Are you so much in demand that you have any bookings
for October yet? As soon as you do let me know if they're
local - can't wait to see you all. Parker, I was stunned
when i received an e-mail from you when i first left, what's
happened since? Keep in touch!!

love, hugs and kisses, Kayxxx
Helen (UK)  Email
Hmm well what can I say...pretty good site actually lads
and if this message has appeared then I have actually
managed to stay on here for more than 2 minutes without it
crashing my pc. Oh yes and by the way that is my real e-
mail address so that does prove to you that I am
Stereophonics freak but hey who care. Keep up the good work
and no doubt see you in the Pheasant and then back to
Caroline's for a party....
Love Helen, Caroline and Nicola.....
(I know they are not here with me but felt I had to add
them cause we are usually all together and they would have
moaned if they weren't included)
Steve Herod (Long Eaton)  Email
Hi guy's

Kev, you may want to look at this ...

All the best,


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